Jun 13

Most homeowners protect their home but what about their assets and personal information located on the computer. Whether you connect via cable or satellite Internet you can be sure that there are attackers and hackers out there on the Internet. It is a good idea to purchase a anti-virus or security program to protect your computer especially if you use it alot. There are a lot of threats and viruses that can render your computer useless and ends up costing you a lot of money in repairs to BestBuy or your local computer repair person.

Satellite Can be Cheap Broadband Internet When Compared to Cable
The use of satellite Internet is most definitely something that has become a part of the lives of people in this day and age. Everything from personal matters to business endeavors are now being done through the use of internet. For a lot of people, staying connected online is what makes their life complete. Getting to see updates on their social media page, sending and receiving emails, shopping for items, and even dating someone from another part of the world has become normal things for people on this day and age. This is what makes providing internet connection services a profitable venture for investors at the current times. Read the rest of this entry »

May 13

These are some customer reviews from a home security company in the Detroit Michigan area. Dante's Home Security

Great experience thus far with the home security systems company.  I ordered the system last months after a series of break-ins in my development and neighboring developments came too close for comfort.   I called the the home security company team prior to purchasing and they allowed me to mix and match equipment.  That sealed the deal for me.   This was great because I wanted glass break sensors instead of motion sensors since I have dogs.   Read the rest of this entry »

May 13

Basically, this is just an introduction to let you know about why a home security system is important in our daily life. We will let you know what type of home security systems, sensors and accessories are required to make your favorite home secured and protected from any intrusion.

In today high-tech world everybody uses cellular phone.  This advance cellular technology has not only helped us in communication around the world but has also played a vital role in securing of our homes and families. This brand new application of cellular home security system is innovating millions of people to secure their home sweet home from unwelcomed guests in your absence. Read the rest of this entry »

May 13

When looking for a home security system company to go with you want to make sure you find happy customer reviews. The following are some anonymous customer reviews.

Happy Customer
Overall experience is excellent. Rated price as C because it is competitive with other home alarm companies for similar setup so monthly charges was not a factor. Equipment rated B because it is equivalent to other brands. It is the customer service and monitoring where they shine. Online queries are answered promptly and phone calls have an extremely short wait time. Calling the alarm center gets immediate response as it should. Auto pay has worked flawlessly. Has been in service 18 months.happy-customer

I called the security company after seeing them online. They are easy to work with and if you can pour a glass of milk you can set this system up. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable  They take time to assist you in any way that they can. I like the fact that is a cellular system and it's self installing. The only down side would be the 3 year contract you have to sign.  Having an alarm is a peace of mind, and this one you can set up in literally 30 minutes or less (depending on number of doors and windows). Make sure you understand every piece of equipment you will need when ordering your system. I ended up needing 3 more window sensors than we originally thought. Be sure to describe your type of window when ordering, two pane, one large pane, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 13

It's not really a question of whether home security monitoring services are good or bad it all depends on what you need to properly secure your home and family. Those home security customers that elect to purchase services from a home security company offering 24/7 monitoring services do have several advantages over those who do not.

Let us take a look at why someone would choose a home security company with around the clock monitoring services.

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Apr 13

Does a home alarm system stop crime? 

Excellent question.  A home alarm systems doesn't stop crime it deters it. Specifically it deters burglars from breaking and entering into your home. 1 out of every 5 people in the US own a home security system and that is a growing statistic. Homeowners who have a home alarm system installed are much less likely to become a victim of a burglary or a home invasion.

There are many things that consumers can do to mitigate their risks of becoming a victim of a burglary in addition to installing home security systems.

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